We've done our homework, and now we're
taking every step we can to safeguard each
and every one of our customers as well as
consumers from being misled or confused
- and possibly harmed - by this product.
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Your source for answers about the misleading product Liposomal Poly-MVA.
We've received many calls lately from people having questions and expressing concern about the product labeled as Liposomal Poly-MVA. What is in it? Who exactly manufactures and sells it? Want kind of benefits is it supposed to offer? What additional information can be found about it?

Here are the things we know.

- Liposomal Poly-MVA is NOT Poly-MVA or any kind of version of Poly-MVA, and DOES NOT and CANNOT contain Poly-MVA or any derivative of it.

- The distributors are promoting and providing this product in a very blatant attempt to trade off of the reputable brand of Poly-MVA; to do this is deceptive and confusing to customers in the marketplace.

- The misleading claims the distributors are making are not only illegal acts but also reflect poorly on anyone boasting that they are wanting to help people who find themselves vulnerable and often dealing with problematic circumstances.

 - We are taking every step essential to safeguard each of our customers as well as consumers from being misled or confused and possibly harmed through consuming a product that is of unknown origin, unproven and has untested qualities.

- The suppliers are misrepresenting the qualities of this untested and unknown product.

- Liposomal Poly-MVA is a dietary supplement of unidentified sources and properties that is designed to trick and confuse individuals in the marketplace who depend on the demonstrated dietary support of real Poly-MVA.

- We have identified NO research (published or not) and NO continuing scientific tests on the product to substantiate any of the promises being made, nor has any information been provided when requested.

- We have found NO health professionals who incorporate this product into their patients' regiments for health and wellness, nor any who've been provided scientific proof that this product offers benefits to patients.

- We have to date discovered NO customer stories telling of positive experiences resulting from the product.

- Every one of the websites and marketing materials we have come across for Liposomal Poly-MVA are utilizing verbiage which has been duplicated verbatim from Poly-MVA websites and materials and then altered to refer to Liposomal Poly-MVA.

- Details about Liposomal Poly-MVA are difficult and frequently impossible to locate.

- We have been able to acquire some of the printed marketing materials provided prospective customers. Every one of the claims being stated in those materials were in reference to authentic Poly-MVA, which Liposomal Poly-MVA DOES NOT CONTAIN

Liposomal Poly-MVA is NOT authentic Poly-MVA and DOES NOT and CANNOT contain authentic Poly-MVA.